Hᴏᴡ Tᴏ Hᴜsᴛʟᴇ Iɴ Aᴍᴇʀɪᴄᴀ

From street life to 9-5’s all the way up through Corporate America, everyone has to work relentlessly to make some type of living. The get it by any means (hustler mentality) is an idea that has become significantly popular within recent years; it is very clear that as America continues to lack a fair amount of opportunities for minorities to provide for themselves and their families, the term ‘hustle‘ has never had a more profound meaning towards these groups.

It’s universally known that money makes the world go round, literally. As most of American history would suggest, the rich continue to get richer while the poor can do very little to change their circumstances. The value of a dollar is so inevitable now, to where if you are not in a position where earnings are consistently hitting your bank account-above satisfactory levels-then you will forever be in pursuit of more ways to get paid.

Whether you are a minority or not, it can be difficult to find legit avenues that bring in decent income and allow you to plan for a bright future. If you were not born into extreme wealth and/or have had a fairytale start within the work force, chances are you’re gonna need to ‘hustle’hard to even stand a chance at gaining an edge over others in more favorable situations.

So, with that being said, I’ve analyzed these issues and come up with some ideas and tips that will (hopefully) encourage you to stay motivated, hustle harder than your competition, and find ways to be more successful.

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  1. Education is key: Contrary to some popular beliefs, education is still an important factor when it comes to personal growth and climbing the ladder of success. In a lot of instances, those who are not projected to finish high school, attend college, or become a productive member of society tend to believe that that is, indeed, their path in life. However, it is important to note that not only is this incredibly false but it is also a leading factor in lesser privilidged citizens ditching the idea of education and any inkling of a possible future altogether. If anything, you should use the doubt and negativity as the driving force for you to chase what you actually believe in and pursue your dreams regardless.
  2. Be open-minded: For most people, we enter the work force with a plan consisting of goals and timelines to accomplish each milestone. However, what most of us fail to realize is that our own estimates of when we should be working our dream job varies-sometimes way off-from that of other employers’ thoughts on our qualifications to do so. Simply put, be quick to accept the next level of employment (let’s say McDonald’s cook to sales clerk at SeaWorld) and slow to reject necessary opportunities. You never know who’s watching you, and you wouldn’t want to spoil your big break before it even has a chance to hatch.
  3. No days off: When you are at the bottom of the food chain, you do not get the same liberties as the blue collar workers. You cannot rest when they rest or else you will never elevate to the next spot on your ladder to success. Therefore, your weekends are no longer solely a regroup and refocus stage; your weekends now become largely focused on searching for new opportunities that will benefit you more than your current situation does (if it does at all). Examples may include (but not limited to), contacting next level employers to inquire about any openings, cross-examining different markets to see which markets are paying the most, and/or dressing up in professional attire and making an effort to make walk-in appearances at potential employers that interest you. Whatever you do, stop spending your weekends relaxing or celebrating at functions; honestly, what are you really celebrating?
  4. Be consistent: Just like with any aspect of life, being consistent is probably the most important tool for being successful. Make sure every day-personally, professionally, and mentally-you are locking in and being productive. It is important to remember that you are not where you want or need to be, and that itself should motivate you to strive for a better life day in and day out.

Conclusion: Life is not fair, whether you’re born rich or poor. There’s challenges that we all face that orchestrate how hard we have to hustle individually in order to ‘make it’. Social status will always play a huge role in primary opportunities that come your way; however, your hard work and consistency will allow you to prevail and still conquer all that you set out to accomplish. The goal is not to succeed right away, but to develop and execute a masterplan designed to assist you in taking the necessary steps to get to where you want to be. Be patient, be motivated, and your hustle will eventually pay off in the long run.

  • What are some ways you guys hustle to reach your goals?
  • How can you relate to the hardships faced by many trying to hustle their way to the top?

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Daily Routine

Everyday above ground is a blessing, and when you’re blessed to see another day you should definitely make it a productive one. What does that mean, you might ask? Well, it definitely doesn’t insinuate that you should spend 24 hours tweeting to celebrity accounts, asking them to follow you back all day long. Instead, consider trying new things (interacting with a different audience, learning a new skill, building relationships with influencers, and/or living with a purpose).

So, what is your daily routine? Is it productive? What changes should you make? For some of us our daily routine consists of what’s comfortable, what is easy, and what we’re used to; this is fine to a certain extent, we all have to start somewhere and gradually grow at our own rate. For others, like myself, our daily routine consists of getting outside of our comfort zone, challenging ourselves, finding ways to enhance current skills while forming new ones, and connecting more with others on a daily basis. Obviously, there’s no perfect routine or perfect execution of your routine. However, you should always be looking for ways to enhance your daily activities, thus increasing your satisfaction level of self while pushing your boundaries. 

Typically, you should have a set alarm for the work week (Monday thru Friday). Reason being, you are more focused this way and you will also feel more at ease with the use of this tactic, rather than randomly waking up when the sun shines through the drapes in the morning. More likely than not, 90% of work week alarms will be early morning. There is no use for weekend alarms as the weekends should be reserved to rest and catch up on more pleasant things- working out, favorite TV  shows, family time, etc.

Also, be sure to plan out each day. Making a daily schedule can limit confusion and is really helpful to busy and forgetful individuals alike. Be sure to make your schedules very clear and concise. 

Another tip to enhancing your daily routine is to try new things. Yes, I know, no one likes change. But in certain aspects, like a daily routine, change is vital to continuous satisfaction and growth. Imagine if you were an athlete, let’s say a basketball player. Imagine how you would feel if every day you ran the same drills, same plays, same everything (boring, right?). That’s exactly how your life would feel if you stick to the same schedule day in and day out; no challenge, just stagnant agendas. If you’re a blogger, tune into fellow blog forums associated within and away from your niche. If you’re a social media influencer, connect with other influencers and share ideas that can help mutually increase you guys’ marketing success, and if you haven’t quite found your calling yet, make a list of possible occupations that are likely to be of interest to you in the near future.

Perhaps you’re already an avid executer of all tips mentioned previously. Well, have you taken a step back to evaluate your performance as a whole? Maybe you have, but chances are you haven’t. No matter your profession, always remember to fine tune developed skills. It is great to build new skills and attract new audiences, but never forget to come back to your roots and continue to capitalize on the skills that helped elevate you to your current position. Though it may seem as though we’ve reached peak performance within these skills, that’s hardly ever the case. You can never be too good at anything.

Every day you should be hungry for more. You should be driven to chase success and motivate yourself to take all necessary steps to get there. 

  • Wake up at a reasonable time so you have more than enough time to plan your day and execute your plans for that day.
  • Interact and share your ideas with like minded individuals within/away from your niche. 
  • Be sure to develop new, advanced skills, but also continue to build upon previously developed skills.

                Your Turn:

-How would you describe your daily routine

-How do you continue to motivate yourself to keep progressing? 

-What strategies do you use to constantly move forward and share ideas with others?

Please, let me know in the comments section below! I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say! 

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Welcome to The Circuit!

Welcome to The Circuit!

img_20161031_020954This blog is mainly about sharing my perspectives and insights on all things bloggable(:

I believe that we are all curious about what others’ viewpoints are on certain topics. If I can creatively relay my thoughts in a way that will interest you guys and make you loyal viewers, well, I’ve done my job(:

What’s my goal?

I strive to make an interesting blog that will hopefully connect with you guys personally, while allowing me to form new, long-lasting relationships.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is intended for anyone and everyone with an open mind (and a good sense of humor, kinda).

If you’re not easily amused, that’s fine! I still invite you to tune in and check out my overall message! (Who knows, you just might form a grin or two)

What else?

No idea, you guys tell me! Post a comment and we can chat!

Let’s connect,

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